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How To Check Jazz Free Minutes In 2023

Jazz allows users to check jazz-free minutes by dialing the jazz free minutes remaining code.

Unfortunately, although you can find a dozen articles on the internet that inform you how to check Jazz free minutes, most of them share old and irrelevant codes that do not work now.

But in this article, we will share the latest codes to check the remaining Jazz free minutes in your jazz sim, whether you have subscribed to daily, weekly, or monthly packages.

How To Check Jazz Free Minutes 2023

A full list of Jazz remaining minutes Check Codes is below.

You can check your remaining free minutes according to your package by dialing an added *2# with your package activation code. Or you can discover Jazz’s free minutes check code from the given table.

Also, you can dial your appropriate package codes from your mobile phone with a Jazz SIM Card.

Jazz is still unbeatable, and Pakistan’s no.1 telecom executive gives high-quality voice and data services. Still, Jazz launched 5G services on a trial basis. Jazz has introduced more than 20 daily, weekly, and monthly voice call packages for its customers.

Most customers seek to find Jazz remaining minutes Check Codes or Jazz minutes check codes over the internet. We are giving such all details, to help those customers and visitors.

Jazz Free Minutes Check Code 2023

Offer/ Package NameFree Minutes Check Codes
Monthly Super Duper*706*2#
Monthly Super Duper Plus*707*2#
Weekly Super Duper*770*2#
Weekly Anniversary*505*2#
Monthly Hybrid Bundle*430*2#
Weekly All Network*700*2#
Weekly Hybrid*407*2#
Weekly Make Your Own Bundle*303*7#
Monthly Make Your Own Bundle*303*30#
Daily Super*212*2#
Jazz Super Duper Card*601*2#
Super Plus*558*2#
Mandi Bahauddin Offer*565*2#
Sargodha Weekly Offer*627*2#
Dg Khan Monthly Offer*705*2#
Haftawaar All Rounder Offer*747*2#
Daily Day Bundle*340*2#
Kpk Offer*522*2#
Sindh Daily Offer*522*2#
Chiniot Weekly Hybrid Offer*664*2#
Apna Shehr Haftawar Offer*406*2#
Daily Punjab Offer*6000*2#
Sindh Raabta Offer*766*2#

Use Jazz World App To Check Jazz Free Minutes

Another way to check jazz remaining free minutes is using the jazz world app. With this app, you can see all the remaining incentives of your subscribed package, such as internet MBS, SMS, and free minutes.

Just download and install the Jazz world app on your smartphone by either using the google play store or the apple store.

On the home screen, you can find the options of MBs, SMS, and minutes. When you click on your desired option, your remaining incentives details will be there.


This article has shared all the codes to check the remaining jazz free minutes. I hope now you know how to check jazz free minutes.

If any of the above codes are not working for you, please let us know in the comments section below.

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