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Petrol Price Today in Pakistan Latest Updated September 22, 2023

The current price of Super Petrol in Pakistan is PKR 331.38 per liter, while High-Speed Diesel costs PKR 329.18 per liter, and Light-Speed Diesel is priced at PKR 147.68 per liter.

Fuel TypeOld PriceNew PriceDifference
PetrolPKR 305.36PKR 331.38+26.02
High Speed Diesel (HSD) PKR 311.84PKR 329.18+17.34
Light Diesel Oil (LDO)PKR 147.68PKR 147.680.00
Kerosene OilPKR 164.07PKR 164.070.00

Prices Updated on: 18-September-2023 at 5:12 PM

For Petrol:

  • The new price for petrol is PKR 331.38.
  • The old price for petrol was PKR 305.36.
  • The price difference is +26.02.

For High-Speed Diesel (HSD):

  • The new price for High-Speed Diesel (HSD) is PKR 329.18.
  • The old price for High-Speed Diesel (HSD) was PKR 311.84.
  • The price difference is +17.34.

For Light Diesel Oil (LDO):

  • The new price for Light Diesel Oil (LDO) is PKR 147.68.
  • The old price for Light Diesel Oil (LDO) was PKR 147.68.
  • The price difference is PKR 0.00.

For Kerosene Oil:

  • The new price for Kerosene Oil is PKR 164.07.
  • The old price for Kerosene Oil was PKR 164.07.
  • The price difference is 0.00.
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