how to make graph in word

4 Steps To Make Graph In Microsoft Word

Highlights Adding a graph in your Word document protects your readers from data overloading as it becomes easier to inspect statistics by looking at graphs. Besides this, you can make a graph in Word very easily. Creating a graph in a Microsoft word document merely involves 3 steps which are Choosing and inserting a graph … Read more

Double Spacing In Word

How To Do Double Spacing In Word

Highlights Double spacing in Microsoft word doubles the amount of space between lines of text in and can be important to a teacher or editor in marking the document or adding comments. Double spacing a Word document will vary depending on which version of Word you have. You can do double spacing in a whole word document … Read more

how to replace words in ms word

How To Find And Replace Words In MS Word

Highlights Microsoft word allows you to replace words in a word document by its find and replace text feature. In this feature, you can find text and then replace it multiple times without worrying about the word count. A keyboard shorcut for find and replace feature is ctrl + h. It will open the replace … Read more

how to change background color in word

Change Background Color In Word In 3 Steps Only

Highlights You can change the background color of your Microsoft word document very easily. The page background color will not be printed but will be saved as part of the document.  When changing your page background color, it will only be applicable to that specific document and is not a global or default change.  Change the background color in word by Ribbon>Design>Page … Read more

how to remove section break in word

How To Remove Section Break In Word With Pictures

Highlights Word uses Section Breaks to divide the document into sections. Within sections, it is possible to vary the layout of the document. You can insert a section break from the “Breaks” option in the “Page Layout” section. To remove a section break in Microsoft word, select Home > Show/Hide to show section breaks. Place your cursor just before … Read more