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Jazz Call Package For Saudi Arabia And Dubai 2023

Do you have a loved one in Saudi Arabia or Dubai and want to call them from your jazz sim number. Luckily, jazz has got you covered with its jazz call package for Saudi Arabia and Dubai 2023.

International calling is expensive and Pakistani users are always looking for cheap international call packages, specifically in Dubai and Saudi Arabia. Jazz international call packages have been a huge relief to these such users by offering them low international call rates in these countries.

Jazz International Call Package for Saudi Arabia 2023

Jazz call packages for Saudi Arabia are simple, as the company is offering a calling rate of Rs. 2.38 inclusive of tax. However, the thing here to note is that this price is not per minute, rather it is per 15 seconds. So after every 15 seconds, Rs. 2.38 plus tax will be charged to Jazz users for any Saudi Arabia call. The offer can be availed by dialing *452# with no subscription charges and lifetime validity. The calling rates are valid for all packages of Jazz.

Jazz International Call Package for Dubai 2023

Just like Saudi Arabia, there are a lot of Pakistanis living in Dubai and hence call packages become much more relevant in order to get cheap calling rates. This is where Jazz comes to the aid of its customers with its Jazz Dubai Call Packages. The cellular company is providing calling rates of Rs. 3.57/15 seconds inclusive of tax with no subscription charges. These calling rates are valid all over the UAE as well, hence these rates can be referred to as Jazz UAE call packages. Users can subscribe to the package by calling *452#. These calling rates are valid for all Jazz packages.

Important Highlights Of Jazz Call Package for Saudi Arabia And Dubai 2023

Both the Dubai and Saudi Arabia calling rates have the same package activation code 2023. The Saudi Call Package tax rates are cheaper than Dubai’s calling rates. Saudi and Dubai call package’s un-sub code 2023 is the same i.e. *452*4#. The offer, however, won’t be available for International Roamers who are calling from either Pakistan or anywhere else.

By offering competitive calling rates for Dubai and Saudi Arabia, Jazz is making sure that it stays one step ahead of its competitors and captures the Middle East market for international calling.

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