Snapchat Pe Sticker Kese Lagain? 2021

Snapchat Pe Sticker Lagane Ka Tariqa 2021 – Agar aap snapchat pe sticker lagana chahte hain to is tariqe pe amal karian.

Snapchat is one of those Apps which got millions of users in a brief period. This application is inimitable as it recommends pictures as communiqué rather than words. Be it your picture, illustration, or emojis.

Snap chat can even create customized stickers using bitmojis, which is very trendy in this application. To make your sticker on Snapchat, first, open the application, take the picture you want to be sure you choose the right camera (front or back) to click the picture by tapping the circle given in the bottom center of the snap chat screen.

Next, choose the scissor from the edit mode; outline the part you want to make the sticker. You can use your finger for dragging the size; select the part of the screen and rotate in the rotation manner. Tap on the sticker icon next to the scissor icon; now, check your customized sticker in the new stickers option if you want to use it.

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