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Today’s Egg Prices in Sahiwal September 2023– Check Now!

Want to know the today egg prices in Sahiwal 28 September, 2023? Look no further! Below, you’ll find easy-to-read tables that will keep you updated on the latest government-approved egg rates in Sahiwal.

Today’s Egg Prices in Sahiwal – Check Now!

Stay informed about egg prices today in Sahiwal

Egg Rate in Sahiwal

MARKETPiece1 Dozen
Egg RateRs.23.00Rs.256.00
Retail RateRs.24.00Rs.250.00
Wholesale RateRs.25.00Rs.270.00
Super Market RateRs.26.00Rs.300.00

Last 10-Day Report

Price Up/Down-4.00
Today RateRs.23.00
10 Days Ago RateRs.27.00

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