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Ghee Price in Pakistan 28 September,2023 – 1 Kg Ghee price in Pakistan

Are you curious about the most recent ghee prices in Pakistan? Ghee is a vital food item in Pakistani cuisine and plays a big role in the average Pakistani diet. Knowing the current ghee price trends is crucial for making smart buying decisions.

In this blog post, we’ll take a deep dive into today’s ghee prices in Pakistan, discussing the factors influencing these trends and what changes we might expect in the future. Keep reading to find out more!”

1 Kg Ghee price in Pakistan today – پاکستان میں 1 کلو گھی کی قیمت

Ghee is an important part of Pakistani food and culture. People use it because it tastes good and has health benefits. But lately, the price of ghee has gone up, making people worry about how it will affect their money.

Today, 1 Kg of ghee is expected to cost between Rs 550 to 680, which is higher than before. This increase happened in the last few weeks all over the country. Since it’s a recent change, customers were not ready for the impact it could have on the availability and affordability of ghee in Pakistan’s market.

1 kg Ghee Price List in Pakistan 28 September,2023

Dalda Ghee Price in Pakistan 28 September,2023

Kisan Ghee Price in Pakistan 28 September,2023

Ghee is an essential ingredient in Pakistani cuisine, adding rich flavor to various dishes. To know the current price range, please refer to the table above. The prices may vary depending on the region and brand. Banaspati Ghee, a type of clarified butter, is widely used in cooking and holds cultural significance in Pakistan.

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