Jazz Hourly Internet Package 2022 – Jazz Super Ghanta Offer

With the jazz hourly internet package 2022 AKA Jazz super ghanta offer, you can get 1 GB of Data for one hour at any time of the day. And if you want to know more details about the jazz super ghanta offer, including the jazz hourly internet package code 2022, read this article.

This article will also share jazz super ghanta offer unsubscribe code 2022.

Jazz Hourly Internet Package 2022 Details

Internet is one of the most essential services of Network service providers, Jazz offers a variety of jazz Internet bundles catering to the connectivity needs of its users. You can subscribe to the Jazz Hourly Internet Package and enjoy blazing fast internet for 60 minutes straight.

  • Jazz super ghanta offer provides 1GB of Data for just Rs. 10 + Tax.
  • To subscribe to Jazz hourly internet package, Just dial *638# from your jazz sim number and stay connected.

Jazz Super Ghanta Offer Code 2022

Sometimes our Internet goes down during an important Zoom meeting, online class, and heated argument or in the middle of a crucial moment in the game. If you get stuck somewhere without internet and had to get connected for an urgent task, or an important call, Jazz gets you covered with its attractive Hourly Internet Extreme package providing seamless internet connectivity for a short span.

How to Subscribe Jazz Hourly Internet Package 2022 ?

To subscribe to the Jazz Hourly Internet package, the user has to dial the code *638#. It can also be subscribed through Jazz World Mobile App.

How to Check Jazz Hourly Internet Package 2022 ?

To check the status and remaining MBs of your Jazz Hourly Extreme, dial code *638*2#.

How to Unsubscribe Jazz Super Ghanta Offer 2022 ?

To unsubscribe to the Jazz Super Ghanta offer, dial code *638*4#.

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