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Fajr Time Dubai Today September 22, 2023 | Dubai Prayer Timing

Do you want to know the Dubai prayer timings of today September 22, 2023? If you are a Muslim living in Dubai and looking for a valid and authentic website to provide you the true Fajr Time Dubai including Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib Time & Isha then you are at the right place.

Here we will provide you today September 22, 2023 Dubai prayer times.

Prayer Time In Dubai Today September 22, 2023

4:49 AM6:07 AM12:12 PM3:38 PM6:16 PM7:46 PM
Sep 224:49 AM6:07 AM12:12 PM3:38 PM6:16 PM7:46 PM
Sep 234:49 AM6:08 AM12:11 PM3:38 PM6:15 PM7:45 PM
Sep 244:50 AM6:08 AM12:11 PM3:37 PM6:14 PM7:44 PM
Sep 254:50 AM6:08 AM12:11 PM3:36 PM6:13 PM7:43 PM
Sep 264:50 AM6:09 AM12:10 PM3:36 PM6:12 PM7:42 PM
Sep 274:51 AM6:09 AM12:10 PM3:35 PM6:10 PM7:40 PM
Sep 284:51 AM6:10 AM12:10 PM3:35 PM6:09 PM7:39 PM
Sep 294:52 AM6:10 AM12:09 PM3:34 PM6:08 PM7:38 PM
Sep 304:52 AM6:10 AM12:09 PM3:33 PM6:07 PM7:37 PM
Oct 014:53 AM6:11 AM12:09 PM3:33 PM6:06 PM7:36 PM
Oct 024:53 AM6:11 AM12:08 PM3:32 PM6:05 PM7:35 PM
Oct 034:53 AM6:12 AM12:08 PM3:32 PM6:04 PM7:34 PM
Oct 044:54 AM6:12 AM12:08 PM3:31 PM6:03 PM7:33 PM
Oct 054:54 AM6:12 AM12:07 PM3:30 PM6:02 PM7:32 PM
Oct 064:55 AM6:13 AM12:07 PM3:30 PM6:01 PM7:31 PM
Oct 074:55 AM6:13 AM12:07 PM3:29 PM6:00 PM7:30 PM
Oct 084:55 AM6:14 AM12:07 PM3:28 PM5:59 PM7:29 PM
Oct 094:56 AM6:14 AM12:06 PM3:28 PM5:58 PM7:28 PM
Oct 104:56 AM6:15 AM12:06 PM3:27 PM5:57 PM7:27 PM
Oct 114:57 AM6:15 AM12:06 PM3:26 PM5:56 PM7:26 PM
Oct 124:57 AM6:16 AM12:05 PM3:26 PM5:55 PM7:25 PM
Oct 134:58 AM6:16 AM12:05 PM3:25 PM5:54 PM7:24 PM
Oct 144:58 AM6:17 AM12:05 PM3:25 PM5:53 PM7:23 PM
Oct 154:58 AM6:17 AM12:05 PM3:24 PM5:52 PM7:22 PM
Oct 164:59 AM6:17 AM12:05 PM3:23 PM5:51 PM7:21 PM
Oct 174:59 AM6:18 AM12:04 PM3:23 PM5:50 PM7:20 PM
Oct 185:00 AM6:18 AM12:04 PM3:22 PM5:49 PM7:19 PM
Oct 195:00 AM6:19 AM12:04 PM3:22 PM5:49 PM7:19 PM
Oct 205:01 AM6:19 AM12:04 PM3:21 PM5:48 PM7:18 PM
Calculation MethodsLatitude /  Longitude:Juristic Methods
Umm al-Qura, Makkah25.2522 / 55.28Shafii (Method & Fiqah)

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